Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, JUST.LOOK.AT.THIS.ADORABLE.BABY.PANTHER! Look at its eyes! {I know its going
to grow into a fierce adult panther, but why not enjoy it when its practically harmless?}
I mean COME ON! Who knew that this cutie pie could turn into, {And it would probably have to be with a fairy god-panther or something, because that sounds impossible to change him into the kind of panther you will see if you search in the google box: Pictures of beautiful panthers.}
One is not so beautiful. I think it's the first picture on the left. I think I would like the fairy god-panther to bring me this angel for a pet...But she has to train him to NEVER GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!
*Knock knock* Oops, Fairy god-panther at the door! Gotta go! {"Oh yes fairy god-panther, thank you for coming..."}

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