Friday, August 19, 2011


My family and I just moved.To Weatherford TX. We've been here for about a month, and sometimes we have lizards in the house. Hardly any more, but we used to have lizards in the bathroom,in the garage, even in the kitchen! once, my mom was in the kitchen, and she (by the way, the lizards were babies)lifted up her frying pan and there was a baby lizard in the frying pan! my mom was totally freaked out, and called my Mimi,MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she hurried over and killed the poor thing! did I mention they were incredibly cute? and I love to hold them? well, they were cute and I do love to hold them but,(I wasn't present at the time)when I herd about incident frying pan,even though I was sad about the lizard dieing, I could not help laughing about it.

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